Awaken Spirituality through
Reiki Books and Healing Therapy

Marnie_BluLight Internal is located in Denver Colorado and is dedicated to the empowerment of others by teaching them to locate their healing energy while utilizing their unique spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.

The holistic healing used with Reiki will not only foster inner peace but it also has the ability to start a spiritual journey towards personal transformation by using a healing therapy outlined in Marnie Vincolisi’s self help books.

The healing love of Reiki is a metaphysical teaching which started in the early 1900s but has taken a new turn by empowering the student rather than having them look towards the Reiki master for constant direction.

The guidance you will receive from Denver based Marnie Vincolisi and Light Internal is focused on developing the gifts held within each one of us. In her counseling sessions her unique psychic abilities track to the core issue which is disrupting the client. This tied with energy healing, a transformation takes place and the old struggles are released. By using Marnie as a spiritual coach along with her books, one who is directed towards spiritual living can advance very quickly.

Through guided meditation you will be able to create a chakra healing thus clearing a space so you may clearly see all the options which are at your disposal at any given time. Ms. Vincolisi has developed Reiki classes in Denver Colorado for the novice or the seasoned metaphysical student. All of her instructions are carefully illustrated in her self help Reiki books.

reiikiguyMarnie reaches all learning styles with written books and articles. She addresses the auditory learner through meditation CDs and meditation MP3s, the visual learner with hundreds of illustrations and outlines for the student and even slide presentations to aid the Reiki master in teaching Reiki energy and giving Reiki attunements. The kinesthetic learner will advance by applying the exercises outlined in her books.

In her material the focus is on appeasing the intellectual left brain by filling it with information and then moving into the intuitive right brain and letting go of the process thus stepping into the power of the divine you. Marnie helps you access your inherent intuition with guided practices sometimes using pendulums, quartz crystal healing, Reiki meditations but always using simple instructions to make learning Reiki and spirituality a fun loving experience. With Marnie’s spiritual healing and products anyone can make lasting positive changes in their life.

“Marnie has been a true inspiration in my life.  She has guided me in paths that I, otherwise, would have never explored. Marnie IS my guide.”

                – Barb W., Client

“When I look into the large crystal clear green eyes of Marnie, I see a swirling pool of mystical unconditional love. I am blessed by her light.”

                –  Marilyn B., Client

“I came up with hundreds of complimentary adjectives for Marnie, and the sum of them wasn’t adequate to the task of expressing my love and admiration for this woman. Marnie lives what she teaches on a daily basis.  To spend any time with her is to be encouraged, nurtured, and even more importantly, to view an incredible example of how to be the Goddess incarnate. Marnie’s greatest gift to her students is herself, and I encourage everyone to spend some time listening to her voice and absorbing her beautiful essence.”

                – Olate, Client and student



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