“Marnie is very well-informed regarding New Age healing and the techniques involved. I would say she is quite cutting-edge in her operations & techniques, and quite successful in their applications. The world is in dire need of more people like this.”

– Mike S., Client

For every question there is an answer and it lies just below the surface of your subconscious mind. This knowledge can be quickly accessed with the use of a divination tool. The device allows the conscious mind to move out of the way so correct information may be obtained. The reason to use divination tools rather than a psychic is the tools are readily available and one can receive their own truth without the influence of another. Once given the proper steps, it can be very easy to learn how to get clear precise answers.

Pendulums are tools which, when used properly, allow us to receive instruction from our higher self. They form a way to confirm and clarify the intuitive guidance which you already are receiving but perhaps denying. To obtain correct information, open a channel to the higher self of the client or yourself and intend for clear wisdom to filter into your higher self. In this way, the counsel will not become clouded by the desires of either the client or the practitioner.

There are times when the recipient has difficulty accepting that you, as the practitioner, have the ability to intuitively
access information for them. Using a physical tool can give solidity to the esoteric advice coming through. Somehow when a client sees the movement of the pendulum, it makes the knowledge you are accessing more real.

When using any divination tool one must have their energies clear to receive correct answers. If you are in a negative space, full of doubt, your answers will be influenced by your mood. The tool is not giving you the answer, the answer comes from within the client and at best their higher self. The tool is only an instrument to assist you in affirming the answers which you might have already been receiving. When answers come in very strong, I always ask to clear my personal opinion. That way I know the response will come from the higher self, not my human intellect.

Example: There was a client who was in a relationship which was verbally abusive and controlling. Whenever she asked if she should leave him my first inclination was to say, “Of course!” So before I would use my pendulum, I would always say out loud or silently, “clear my opinions.” This allowed my conscious mind to get out of the way and the guidance of my client’s higher self to have a clear path into my energy field.

To open a line for intuitive direction, be aware that it is the same process used in channeling Reiki. So it is not a new skill, just one with a new use. In Reiki, we are a channel for the flow of energy from the intelligence of the Universe. During this activity we do not take on any of the client’s issues or vice versa. The same holds true for intuitive messages; use the same channel as Reiki and then the information will be allowed to come in clearly and accurately.

Reiki GutStart by opening to your divine source. Allow the knowledge to flow through your head and heart, and into your hands. As it descends into your fingers, it will enter into the energy stream of the pendulum, creating movement, thus guiding the pendulum toward the correct answers. Request the information received to be for the highest and best good for all concerned at that time.

Remember: Time is an element which changes rapidly. The response received is for the time frame during the question. The answer could change the next day.

When the question is presented, the answer obtained will reflect all possibilities in present time. Many questions involve the future and that is when accuracy can be obstructed. Future questions which include the actions of other people can create a wild card. This is especially true in matters of the heart or in questions about the sale of real estate. The probable new relationship which is seen can change if the other person modifies their direction. A property which appears to be selling in a short period of time could drop away because a new property came on the market which was not there when the question was presented and their perspective buyers went in another direction.

The possibilities of pending love relationships become even more unstable because it involves two different life streams and their free will choice to choose a different path. There are so many variables which play into each scenario it can obstruct the chance for them to meet.

Example: A wise psychic explained it this way to me: The vision received could be two people who are seen walking along a street toward each other with the probability they will meet and start a relationship. But the woman sees a pair of shoes in the store window and goes in to try them on. At that point the man passes by and they have to wait for the stars to once again align for them to meet another time.

So when you intuitively see people aligning and then they don’t meet, know it is not that you received misinformation. It was that at least one of the people involved made changes which could not be seen at the time of the inquiry.

The way you frame the question will influence the quality of the material received. Pay attention to how you form your questions and make it clear and specific. If you are not retrieving the guidance you are looking for, reframe the

Example: I will be signaled to change the question when my pendulum swings in a circle rather than back and forth. Sometimes all it takes is to present the inquiry in a slightly different way and answers will begin to open up again.

In essence, we do not need the tools of pendulums, cards or stones to receive intuitive advice, for the power lies within us. We are strong spiritual beings with a wealth of knowledge at our disposal and hold the ability to access guidance for others from their highest source. It is self doubt that makes it appear difficult to obtain. Pendulums can be used to help connect to and confirm new information, but you really have these messages within your being now. All you need to do is claim and accept your power to access this data. In the meantime, you may find this tool fun and useful; just be careful that you do not solely rely on “it” and deny your inherent intuition.

Using a Pendulum

Pendulums can be purchased with long and short cords. A three inch string is best used to find answers to questions, as the shorter string will make the pendulum swing faster. When questions are asked in quick succession, the mind does not have time to form an answer, and then higher guidance will not be obscured. During a hands-on healing treatment, the pendulum can be used to reconfirm intuitive information you might be receiving about the client during the treatment. It will come through their higher self, into your consciousness and then stream into the pendulum.

You may also use a pendulum suspended from a six inch string to determine the spin and size of a chakra. Your intuition may tell you that a chakra is closed or blocked. By using a pendulum, you can check the spin and size of that chakra and thereby affirm the original information. If a chakra is blocked or closed, the pendulum will spin counterclockwise or not spin at all. When it is open, it will spin clockwise. The size of the spin will also determine how much light is being transmitted through this energy center; when it swings in a six inch diameter it is a fully opened chakra. Anything smaller requires energetic attention. Ideally when the body is in balance, all seven chakras of the body will have vortices of equal diameter. There is no need to purchase a second pendulum for questions, just shorten the cord of a six inch pendulum by laying the chain over your index finger until the desired length is obtained.


“Marnie has a loving, knowledgeable, direct, earthy style of teaching – absolutely delightful. She has a way of making complicated topics easy to understand.”

                – Deb C., Client and student

“Marnie carries a lightness and deep quality of presence in her being and in her work.”

                – Kiara W., Client and student

“You can tell Marnie has a passion for what she is doing and that it captures her students.”

                – Tania A., Client and student



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