Space Clearing

healingDoes something about your house seem odd to you and does it feel like your life is not flowing as easily as it could? Areas, like people, become out of balance from time to time and require corrections. Space clearing is a skill which can be easily mastered with the right guidance. There is nothing to fear for it could be something as simple as electrical interference, a relative who has since passed on who has a message, an entity with a similar interest or concern or just poor Feng Shui. This all can be ratified quite easily.

Learning how to clear a house or location is not as difficult as you might think. Through the use of kinesiology, pendulums, intuition and animal communication, the problems can be uncovered and corrected. Electrical interference and poor Feng Shui is one place to start but there could be also a need for soul retrieval. The biggest problem in clearing areas is often fear. When you doubt your ability to stand in your power and redirect energy, you can become fearful and that clouds your vision. Fear is lack of knowledge and Marnie shares her experiences so you too will have the expertise required to feel confident in this practice. You will see how to access the information required to understand why there is a disturbance and then lovingly release any energy form. Beings, in or out of body, do not like to be ignored, they just want to be heard. The gift of listening is a valuable one but especially in this process. Once the information is accessed the entities often leave on their own or with a little assistance.

Learn how to apply these techniques and you will be able to add this to your bag of tools. House clearings can even be done at a distance for it is only energy and that can be access through telepathy. Marnie will not only share her experiences and the many processes she has found useful but do a few clearings with the help of students. This is an interactive class so you experience while you learn.

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