Light Body Grid Work using Axiatonal Alignment Lines

energyIt is difficult to conceive how we connect to the power and knowledge of all that is but the lines accessed with this work gives this esoteric world an image. One not only feels but often sees these changes happening. It is the same work as the Reconnection just using a different name. Axiatonal Alignment is described in The Keys of Enoch and illustrated by Alex Gray in Sacred Mirrors.

This work aligns you with the grid around the earth and the grid around yourself. It is magnetic and keeps you in tune with the changing energy of the planet. Everything that is contained in the Cosmos is connected through a “web of pure intelligence.” Through the process of inner self-discovery this greater web of pure intelligence reveals itself to us. As a result, a spontaneous reconnection to Natural Law occurs. Human life becomes more of a reflection of this divine relationship. The Axiatonal Process provides a direct link between Cosmic Intelligence and individual consciousness. The vibratory grid that is located in the human physiology is the gateway which permits one to be “of the earth” and of the “Cosmos” simultaneously. It supports the integration of two seemingly disconnected worlds and the laws that govern them.

This grid is macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic. It goes out far into the universe and deep within our cells. The only historical references to this way of connecting and restoring essence in the body is found within Chinese medicine and is known as the Meridian System. The Meridian System is a subset of the greater web of intelligence in the Cosmos, which also exists within the human body. The Axiatonal Sessions, in and of themselves, can provide a direct link whereby one can merge with this subtler cosmic vibratory web of intelligence. As one’s refined awareness develops, subtler fields of creation can be realized and integrated into one’s consciousness. The continued personal application of this process allows ever increasing amounts of Cosmic Intelligence to be realized and integrated into the body/mind.

The light of pure intelligence burns away the layers of ignorance that have clouded the lens of perception. Your everyday life begins to gradually reflect a more profound relationship with Natural Law. Life then becomes an ever-increasing expression of love, compassion, understanding, and joy. This grid is a light body grid. When one is in ill health, part of this grid is inactive or darkened. Axiatonal Alignment reconnects this light body and turns the light back on thus activating the energy field allowing the body to heal itself.

Class instruction includes:
Process of Self-Treatment
Treatment of Others
Instruction from “The Keys of Enoch”
Coloring of Lines
Practical Application

40-page guide book included Requirement for class: one treatment




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