Divination and Intuition

lightbodyThis interactive class will acquaint you to numerous techniques in kinesiology, the use of pendulums, reading divination cards with accuracy, experience information from runes and understand other ways to connect with the highest essence of yourself, clients, guides and angles.

For every question there is an answer and it lies just below the surface of your subconscious mind. This knowledge can be quickly accessed with the use of divination tools. The tool allows the conscious mind to move out of the way so correct information may be obtained. The advantage in using divination tools rather than a physic is because tools can be readily available and holds the truth of the person using them without the opinion of another. Once given the proper steps it can be very easy to learn how to get clear answers.

Divination has been used for eons of time to source the future and explain the past. Runes are probably the oldest tool with tarot cards not far behind. There are a myriad of cards today which can be read and understood without years of training. Dowsing rods can give information and are often used to locate water for drilling even in today’s computer savvy world. I personally know Exxon has hired dowsers and paid them large sums of money to work below the ice and snow to locate water breaks in Canada.

If you think you do not hold a talent for intuition you may be surprised to find the opposite applies. Marnie can demonstrate how to tune into your inner knowing with a myriad of divination tools. You will learn the proper protocol for the use of these tools and be guided in a meditation which will insure a clear connection to your highest source. This will open intuitive accuracy. This hands-on class will acquaint the participants with angel cards, divination cards, runes, tarot, pendulums, dowsing rods and for the times when none of these are available using the body for information with various forms of kinesiology.

Marnie has spent years acquainting people to their inner power through Reiki, meditation and numerous classes in the healing arts. Marnie does not teach you anything you don’t already know, she merely holds a sacred space to awaken knowledge held within you. Come meet the intuitive that lives within you.

This hands-on class is where you can quickly discover and fine tune your skills. Marnie Vincolisi, Reiki Master and energy healer has worked with her intuition since she was a child and can show you how to do the same in a fun and easy way.




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