House and Space Clearing

Homes can be a open portal which invite entities but there is often a connection with these spirits and inhabitants of the home. I do not feel any spirit is malicious or evil, just misunderstood. They are trying to get your attention, once we speak to them and find out why they are there; they willingly leave or can be easily directed away. They can be running from past traumas on the land, as well as emotional issues which tie in with similar ones of the inhabitants of the home. The process is done with love and compassion, it is gentle and complete.

Not only do spirits attach themselves to physical locations, but in the energy of addictions they can also be connected to your body as well. They attach because they are familiar with this out of balance life style thus making it even more difficult to release an addiction and follow ones intent to be smoke free, alcohol free or drug free. When one has an addictive personality disembodied spirits will hang around to feed off the addictive substance, thus the energy of the human being. Cutting these spirits free and letting them go will give the person power to release their own addictions without interference from these out of body beings.

Because this work is energetic there is no need for Marnie to be physically present at your home. It can be as effective over the phone or on line with Skype as it is in person.

$65 for 30 minutes
$125 per hour

To schedule a session contact us at
Sessions can be in person, by phone or on line with Skype.

“Marnie is very well-informed regarding New Age healing and the techniques involved. I would say Marnie is quite cutting-edge in her operations & techniques, and quite successful in their applications. The world is in dire need of more people like this.”

                – Mike S., Client

“When I look into the large, crystal-clear green eyes of Marnie, I see a swirling pool of mystical unconditional love. I am blessed by her light.”

                – Marilyn B., Client

“Marnie is full of love and compassion for others and it comes through very strongly in her classes and in her treatments. They are very powerful! I feel so grateful and truly blessed to have found Marnie. My life has been so enriched because of her and her classes. I really respect and admire the work that she does.”

                – Lisa S., Client and student



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