Past Life Regression

Hypnosis is one way to access the all controlling subconscious mind. The client is guided into deep meditation, which connects to the subconscious mind where changes take place. The conscious mind it a slave to the subconscious, when the subconscious mind is reached suggestions, agreed to with the client and hypno-therapist, can be anchored in for lasting effects.

In these sessions the client uncovers lost information they have hidden from their conscious state making the session fun, interesting and healing. The process always leaves the client as the one who is driving the session. Marnie guides her clients but she lets go of any control so that ultimately the client is the one who directs the process, Marnie becomes the observer, holding a sacred space of love and compassion so healing happens at the deepest level. Then the client can end the session with a feeling of release, understanding and clear perceptions to old situations.

Reiki is known as a healing practice which relieves stress and pain, but because of its calming effects on the body and mind it too connects to the subconscious mind. Once a Reiki treatment begins the client automatically becomes calm and slips into a gentle, subconscious state. With the use of guided imagery old perceptions can be reframed and stress from traumas released. With proper guidance, the intuitive mind of the client will pick up on just the information needed to clear and heal old painful situations. Marnie connects to the mind of the higher self of her client so the change occurs from a spiritual state rather than influenced by human misconceptions.

Guided imagery meditation is yet another way to connect to the subconscious mind thus making the release permanent. Marnie has developed simple meditations where one can reframe past traumas so they are no longer upsetting and also learn new ways to restructure difficult situations so they do not create stress. Marnie has developed a process she calls “Life Tools”. She uses them during her sessions and she has also recorded them so they can be used at home by her clients.

The client is always the one in control. The subject will not say or do anything they would not do in the conscious state. Marnies treatments are always different, transforming, relaxing and eye opening.

$125 per hour

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Sessions can be in person, by phone or on line with Skype.

“Marnie is very well-informed regarding New Age healing and the techniques involved. I would say Marnie is quite cutting-edge in her operations & techniques, and quite successful in their applications. The world is in dire need of more people like this.”

                – Mike S., Client

“Marnie carries a lightness and deep quality of presence in her being and in her work.”

                – Kiara W., Client and student

“To spend any time with Marnie is to be encouraged, nurtured, and even more importantly to view an incredible example of how to be the Goddess incarnate. Marnie’s greatest gift to her students is herself, and I encourage everyone to spend some time listening to her voice and absorbing her beautiful essence.”

                – Olathe, Client and student



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